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The Kind City reimagines our future. This new vision, crowdsourced from city dwellers and visionaries around the world, is built on empathy and champions inclusion. Lenovo pushes technology to bring that vision to life. Today, this means developing smarter technology for all, tailored for people across political, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds.

Far beyond an unparalleled range of innovative devices, Lenovo creates services and solutions to radically transform how we live, learn, work, and play. Beyond our technology, we help build a smarter tomorrow by leading with our own values, shaped by a global community of diverse and conscientious employees and customers. We innovate the right way: prioritizing diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and humanity.

How will Lenovo power The Kind City of the future?


From remote-ready tablets and PCs to VR-powered field trips, Lenovo opens the world to the next generation of innovators. And we partner with teams around the world to provide access and opportunity to disadvantaged students.

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Lenovo transforms medical care with dedicated devices, virtual care solutions, entire hospital systems empowering patients, and AI-enhanced diagnostic research.

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An agile and adaptable global supply chain provides cities with the technology they need most, while artificial intelligence and robotics create new, efficient manufacturing processes.

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Suites of integrated devices and IoT technologies offer personalized, secure, and seamless experiences for collaborative, work-from-anywhere employees.

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Lenovo technology empowers storytellers and creators and raises their voices while bringing rich experiences into consumers’ hands, from gaming to movies.

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Powerful data centers, IoT integrations, AI-driven optimizations, and 5G networks will future-proof cities, from orchestrating traffic to autonomously cleaning busy streets.

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Through our Foundation, Lenovo directly fuels diverse futures in STEM, provides focused disaster relief, and helps employees volunteer, donate, and give back.

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Our experts use AI and liquid-cooled supercomputers to make agriculture smarter, predict the effects of changing weather, and protect our forests.  And we made bold commitments for our own operations to lead the way to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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