Meet the Kind City Changemakers

To bring our vision of the Kind City to life and empower community-led innovation, Lenovo partnered with Ashoka, the global network of social entrepreneurs.

main city

Jessica Labaja

Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Cristina Martinez Pinto

Guadalajara, Mexico

Pierre-Yves Herrouet

Salta, Argentina

Thembiso Magajana

Johannesburg, South Africa

Learn more about these changemakers and how you can get involved in building a kinder city.

Learn more about Ashoka, their global network of changemakers, and powerful initiatives to transform the world.

Interactive Podcast.

In this podcast, you decide where to go and who to listen to. Hear incredible stories of kindness from around the world. Start with multigenerational living in the USA. Travel to China to hear about climate change. Tech hubs in Brazilian favelas. Dreams in the UK. A kindness currency in Japan. You choose.   

The 10 Kind Principles

People from all walks of life have shared their vision for a Kind City. From these worldwide submissions, we used artificial intelligence to create a set of principles. Ten big ideas, rooted in kindness, to propel us towards a more human, happy future.

The Kind City of the future will…

1. Expand and enhance public green spaces

2. Create a deep sense of belonging for all

3. Support businesses to prioritize community and sustainability

4. Restore and create connections across generations

5. Build structures and systems that treat diversity as an asset and create opportunities for all

6. Offer wisdom, empathy, and support to create trust across communities

7. Build fully accessible infrastructure and services

8. Transform and accelerate travel within and around cities

9. Create affordable housing

10. Nuture and help manifest innovative, kind visions for the future

Kind Council.

Man with silver hair and an orange shirt.

Tan France

Head of Hope

As a gay, Asian man, Tan France knows about needing hope in our future cities. You may know him from Queer Eye, but today he will be your tour guide through the Kind City podcast. Bon voyage.

Brazilian man wearing sunglasses and looking to camera


Chief Empathy Officer

Emicida uses his voice to rap about Brazil’s black heritage: academics, artists, and activists. The São Paulo-born musician knows that to create a better future we need to learn from the past.

Teenage girl wearing a black t shirt and smiling.

Gitanjali Rao

CTO of the Future

A scientist, inventor, and TIME Magazine’s Kid of the Year in 2020. At only 15 Gitanjali has already used tech to tackle contaminated drinking water, opioid addiction, and cyberbullying. She wants to solve global challenges by creating a community of young innovators.

Japanese woman stands next to a skyscraper

Ibun Hirahara

Head of Inclusion

Ibun is leading the way when it comes to inclusion in education. As founder of the company ‘World Road’ , her goal is to ‘build the world in to a single school’. A kinder place for the many, not the few.

Woman with red hair in a city setting.

Oona Horx-Strathern

Head of Humanity

Oona has an Irish passport. She has worked in England. Lives in Vienna. Travelled Europe. Hitched across Africa. An expert on the history of futurology, the architecture of the future, and countless other topics. The perfect person to talk about humanity in our future cites.

Dr Peter Scott-Morgan

Director of Dreams

Peter, called the first ‘human cyborg,’ is an English-American scientist. In 2017 he was diagnosed with motor-neurone disease but has not slowed down one bit. Peter and his husband lead a charitable foundation, which uses innovative tech to transform the lives of people with extreme disabilities.

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